Ross is 25 and he is from Scotland. He is a PhD student in Scottish Gaelic History at the University of Glasgow. He firmly believes that anything can be improved by the inclusion of dinosaurs.
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In Memory of James Maitland Stewart (May 20, 1908 — July 2, 1997)

“An’ that’s the thing—that’s the great thing about the movies. After you learn—and if you’re good and Gawd helps ya and you’re lucky enough to have a personality that comes across—then what you’re doing is… you’re giving people little, tiny pieces of time… that they never forget.”

(via another-addict-of-cinema)

Is and Is and Is by White Denim

Maybe one day I’ll be bored of the HUGE CHORUS in this song and I won’t rave about it endlessly to anyone anymore and I won’t want to rock out like a mad bastard as soon as it kicks in.